The BARKer Shop
An award winning pet grooming parlor.

We provide high quality pet grooming at a competitive price, in a friendly, clean, and safe environment.

Your Pet Will Love Us...

A Full Groom Includes:

  • Bath
  • Haircut
  • Nails Cut & Dremel Tool Smoothing
  • Ears Cleaned
  • Bandana and/or Bows

Add On Services:

  • Moisturizing Treatment
    (aides in relief from itchy, dry skin)
  • Flea dips
    (kills and prevents fleas)
and you will, too!

Our Shop Hours

We love when you share pictures of your furry buddies when we've done a great job. Share your pictures with us.

Tony & Kate Barker

Not only are we husband and wife, but we're also business partners...Hey, we have the name for it! We started the BARKer Shop in December of 2006 to create a clean, safe, and enjoyable grooming environment for you and your pet.

The BARKer Shop is truly a family run business.
In December 2010, we were blessed with an awesome son named Preston (we just call him the CEO most of the time). We live on a small farm outside of Ironton with a variety of animals that include two Giant Schnauzers, two Italian Greyhound, Three cats, two horses, and a animals are pretty much our life!

Our Competitions

Kate has competed in various Grooming competitions across the country and has earned awards that include a third place win in Chicago at a national competition.

We also travel the country showing our Giant Schnauzer in AKC (American Kennel Club) sanctioned shows. This has given us the opportunity to not only perfect our grooming skills, but to educate ourselves with the various breeds and current trends.

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