Parents of baby who investigators say was physically assaulted by educator detail horrific events

A mother says a Camden County educator tried to kill her 1-year-old son. The worker was charged with attempted murder and endangering the well-being of a child.

“You put your hands on him. You tried to kill him,” said Turquoise Moore as she cradled her little one, Shiloh, 1 year old. She remembers what she said happened to her 18-pound body.

“She said what she told him to his face and she went like that and he went flying,” she said. Shiloh was at the Forever Young Childcare Learning Center in Lindenwold when investigators said this happened last Thursday.

Over the weekend, prosecutors announced that Maggie Fruit, a 21-year-old employee, had been charged with attempted murder and endangering the well-being of a child. They said Fruit physically assaulted a 1-year-old child and was captured by a witness and by security cameras. This witness was Turquoise who worked in the infant room right next to her son’s classroom.

“I heard her cry, so I looked inside and she had him face down on the floor with her hand behind her head holding him on her mat,” she said.

Turquoise as she sat next to her husband when FOX 29’s Shawnette Wilson spoke to her on Tuesday, said the daycare director immediately reviewed the surveillance video.

“When I looked into the camera I saw him lift him up, yell in his face and then throw him down and he fell back and hit his head on the ground,” she said.

She adds that while she was at the police station, a more shocking video was discovered.

“She put my son under a blanket and lay down on the blanket and his body was like (moving) because he was trying to get out of the blanket,” Turquoise said.

A document from the Camden County District Attorney’s Office states that Fruit, “attempted to murder the victim by obstructing the airway by putting her weight on the baby and covering the child’s head with a blanket.”

Shiloh’s father Jahneal says the trauma is overwhelming.

“Mom hasn’t slept for five days. She has never suffered from panic attacks. She has had maybe 12 since and several hospital visits,” he said.

“I really want justice for my son. He couldn’t defend himself,” Turquoise said.

Investigators say Fruit is also accused of physically assaulting another child 30 minutes before the incident involving Shiloh. She has a remand hearing on Friday.


Camden County daycare accused of abusing 2 babies in care, prosecutors say



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